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This page is all about Memories On Media and how we ended up where we are today.

Well Memories On Media is a fairly new company under the umbrella of The Wax Museum Inc which has been in business for 30 years.  To really understand Memories On Media you have to know the history of the Wax Museum and what led us to start up Memories On Media.

The Wax Museum Inc. was opened up in 1972 in Charlotte, NC by Chris Beachley.  Chris was a record collector who decided he wanted to follow his love so he opened up the store originally in and unused area of his father’s electrical engineering firm.  After a few years he moved to a new location and The Wax Museum really took off.  Chris always specialized in the areas of music that he loved the most which were fifties and sixties R&B and Soul along with what is referred to in the Carolinas as “Beach Music”.  Over the years Chris created a magazine and two different record labels and also became sort of a local legend as a DJ and was even inducted into the Beach Music DJ Hall Of Fame.  During that time he would have people bring him old tapes to have transferred to newer formats.  This began with taking 8 track tapes and reel to reel tapes and converting them to cassette tapes.  Over time he expanded as demand increased to converting any and all forms of audio to CDs and even would convert some video to DVD.  His son Robert Beachley began working for him and helped to take the Video side of the transfer business and expand it to editing and production.  That side of the business seemed to almost begin to take on a life of it’s own so Memories On Media was born as a way to differentiate that side of the business from the record store side.  They have now grown to the point that they can handle such a wide variety and sizes of orders that even other local businesses have been known to send customers their way when they have a project that is beyond their expertise.


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