Turnaround times with the holidays approaching

With the holidays coming up on us quickly I thought it might be a good idea to discuss turnaround times on orders. We have local pickup turnaround times as well as mail in turnaround times, so I will address each on individually. For all of our local customers the turnaround times are between four and five weeks. Our mail in customers have a turnaround time of between five and six weeks. We are working hard and putting in extra hours right now as well as adding in extra equipment to reduce that and probably will reduce it greatly over the next couple of weeks. Our goal is to never have turnaround times of more than four weeks from the date an item is received regardless of the size of the order. We have grown in leaps and bounds in the past few months and will hopefully continue to do so in the future. That being said while we planned for this growth and have steps in place to accommodate it there will be times such as now that demand grows faster than expansion. The major holdup right now is in the testing and quality control area which we are expanding as this is written. Due to our strict standards of quality we will not and cannot cut any corners in this area. Your home movies will always be treated just as if they were our very own the same way we have treated the thousands of videos that we have already transferred. I will post updates to this blog as the turnaround dates reduce in the next few weeks but appreciate your patience and understanding that we are committed to providing you with the highest quality possible for your home videos to be transferred to DVD.

Groupon deal has been a HUGE success!!!

Well our first couple of days with our Groupon deal running have been a huge success.  We have not only already sold over 150 deals but were also getting a ton of business outside of the Groupon deal because people are finding out about us through the deal itself.

So far we have had a ton of questions asked and answered on the Groupon website about the deal and I’ll post them below in case any of you have any questions.

Hi……as opposed to transferring to a dvd is it possible to just make it .mov or .avi file format and eliminate the dvd altogether? Thanks….you have alot of patience. Also…does your equipment provide the highest possible quality output?

Barry B. asked 13 hours and 18 minutes ago – 2 answers


Yes we can convert it to either format but unfortunatly that isn’t covered by the Groupon so it would be $15 per tape to convert them.

Robert B. answered 12 hours and 59 minutes ago


Also yes we have very high quality equipment and produce great results

Robert B. answered 12 hours and 58 minutes ago

Are conversions done while you wait? Or do you have to leave your tape for conversion and pick up later? What is the average timeframe for a conversion?

Anita S. asked 19 hours and 52 minutes ago – 1 answer -


No they are not done while you wait as they have to be done in real time so a two hour tape would take us two hours to convert. As far as how long the average wait is… The best answer I can give you there is we are currently running a four days wait but that will change quickly as people start to redeem their Groupons. I would recommend that you get here as soon as possible to avoid a wait time of three to four weeks or more.

Robert B. answered 17 hours and 2 minutes ago


I have five video tapes to transfer to DVD’s. Am I correct that they will be done for $37. for all five? Just being sure…LM

Lynda M. asked 17 hours and 53 minutes ago – 1 answer


Yes, the $37 Groupon is for DVD conversion of up to 5 video tapes.

Brette V. answered 17 hours and 51 minutes ago

Can you transfer a beta tape to DVD?

Cindy C. asked 21 hours and 15 minutes ago – 1 answer


Sorry but we do not offer Beta transfers at this time

Robert B. answered 20 hours and 26 minutes ago

So, I can bring 10 tapes in and get 10 DVDs back, for $60? $6.00 per tape?

Kimeran P. asked 22 hours and 59 minutes ago – 1 answer


That’s correct. The Groupon is for up to 10 video tapes with the exception of Beta transferred to DVD. We also have another Groupon for up to 5 Video tapes

Robert B. answered 22 hours and 46 minutes ago

Would we be able to edit from the DVDs provided??

Rebecca R. asked 23 hours and 51 minutes ago – 1 answer


That depends on what type of software and or experience you have in editing. We offer an editing service but if you have that capability yourself you can do that on your own as well.

Robert B. answered 23 hours and 30 minutes ago

Could I get VHS movies transferred to disc that are not offered for sale in that format?

Sara C. asked 23 hours and 55 minutes ago – 1 answer


As long as they are for personal use and not for resale we will be happy to do that for you

Robert B. answered 23 hours and 31 minutes ago

Can any video tape be transferred to DVD – such as Disney tapes? If there are any exceptions, please advise. Thanks

Zeakolen C. asked 1 day and 56 seconds ago – 1 answer


The Groupon is for any tapes that you own. We can transfer them to DVD for you as long as it is for your own personal use and not for resale purposes.

Robert B. answered 23 hours and 32 minutes ago

Can you use this Groupon to transfer Kodak Ektachrome Super 8 Movie Film to DVD? Thanks in advance!

Melissa A. asked 1 day and 25 minutes ago – 1 answer


Film transfers are not covered by the Groupon but we do offer that service. It’s $50 for the first 200ft and .15 per foot after that.

Robert B. answered 23 hours and 33 minutes ago

If I have 10 VHS tapes with small amount of recording, say 20 minutes, will this still require 10 DVDs or can several VHS tapes be put on one DVD? Also, clarification, $37.00 to transfer 5 tapes or $37.00 per tape? thanks.

Kimeran P. asked 1 day and 30 minutes ago – 1 answer


The deal is for one tape to one DVD regardless of length. We do offer a video editing service that we can combine multiple tapes to a single DVD but that is not covered by Groupon.

Robert B. answered 23 hours and 35 minutes ago

Do you also transfer 8 mm movies to DVD? If so, what is the cost per reel? I have probably 50 reels that are 50′ each. What kind of deal could you give me for that many? Would I have to be there to edit them with you?

Lynda M. asked 1 day and 54 minutes ago – 1 answer


Hey Lynda. I think I may have spoken to you on the phone earlier and answered this for you. If not here is the answer. Our price for film transfer is $50 for the first 200 feet and .15 per foot after that. If you bring in a large quantity we will work with you the best we can on prices.

Robert B. answered 1 day and 2 minutes ago

Is there a time limit to what one video equals? I’m pretty sure my VHSc tapes are 30 mins to an hour. I want to be clear that it’s one to one and not find out later that it’s really 1 of my tapes equals two DVDs or something like that. Thank you, I appreciate it.

Jenn F. asked 1 day, 2 hours, and 22 minutes ago – 1 answer


There is no time limit. One tape equals one DVD. Feel free to give us a call if you have any other questions. 704-377-0700

Robert B. answered 1 day, 1 hour, and 18 minutes ago

Website updates

Please excuse our mess over the next week or so as we are doing a total overhaul of our site.  This new and updated version of the site will be far more detailed and informative as well as user friendly.